Welcome to Beauty Without Plastic

Join me to share and review the latest in our favourite Eco Beauty & Personal Care Products in non- plastic packaging. 

Collaborate, share and be part of spreading the word – that we can make naturally packaged, beauty choices, to delight us in our daily care routines and preserve the beauty of our natural world. 

The Beauty & Personal Care Products contribute massively to the nation’s plastic landfill waste, with some claiming that together, they make up an alarming, one third of all landfill waste.

So why, when we go to the trouble of sourcing ‘green’ or ‘Eco Luxe’ beauty products, do we accept them in plastic packaging? Is it due to a lack of availability in other more natural materials or because we simply do not prioritise our search for products in non-plastic packaging?

I hope that we can be part of a powerful change, by sharing and raising public awareness of the alternative, naturally packaged products, that are already available; increasing supply and demand, in this area, of one of the largest global industries.

Whilst we are getting up and running, why not take a look at Totnes, Devon, based Green Fibres’ beautiful natural products, for some inspiration?

I look forward to posting & sharing your wonderful ideas very soon & you can contact me @ jowoolvett@icloud.com.

Jo Woolvett

Jo is Founder of BUFF Natural Body Care, a Mum, Sea Lover, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Teacher & Wellbeing Enthusiast!

GINGER STONE’S Soothing Face Mask for Sensitive Skin 100% natural

Here is a mask I Love & always want to have in my collection another beautiful @beautywithoutplastic product.The simplicity of it’s packaging a glass vial & cork stopper really appeal to the dreamer in me for a second or so I drift off to sea with the glass vial bobbing in the waves waiting to be washed up in the surf on a sunny shore it’s cork stopper keeping the message safe & dry what does it say, who is it from🏝…anyway enough dreaming of messages in bottles back to the mask.

.✨In a world where masks have a vast array of amazing ingredients & some are even purported to blend nature with science & can also have hefty price tags Soothing Face Mask @gingerstone.skincare has just 3 beautiful ingredients & every time I use it my skin feels & looks amazing, soft, smooth,plumped, calm & glowy it contains Rhassoul Moroccan Soap Clay, Raspberry Powder & Honey Powder. It is beautiful simply blended with water or if you wish to get more adventurous I Love to blend with Live natural yoghurt which encourages me to massage the mask into my skin more & I find it stops the clay drying on the skin so quickly. It can also be blended with Flower Hydrosol’s or Coconut Milk you can add Apple Cider Vinegar or a few drops of Facial Oil & I have been known to open up a Charcoal capsule & blend in to give an added exfoliating action. The dry powder masks allow you to customise to your skins needs I find this both exciting & inspiring.

.✨Please see the second picture for my latest blend simply mixed with Live Natural yoghurt, looks good enough to eat pictured along with my Olive Wood Masking Bowl & porcelain scoop from @islaapothecary

By the fabulous Sara McLaughlin, Natural Beauty Reviewer/Blogger. For more loads more inspiration why not follow Sara on Instagram @coffeechamomilecinnamon.

The Beautiful Bamboo Truth Brush

Introducing the Beautiful & Very Elegant Bamboo ‘Truthbrush@the_truthbrush, created in Beautiful Devon.

Truthbrush – the beautiful bamboo toothbrush. A toothbrush that looks luxurious as well as being eco friendly.

It was designed in Devon and is made from sustainable, organic bamboo from an FSC certified forest. It comes in 2 colours, is wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a fully recyclable pillow pack. We carbon offset shipping to the Uk and to our customers in order to minimise its carbon footprint.

🌿The Truthbrush came from a wish for a toothbrush that was beautiful and luxurious as well as biodegradable. 🎋The rounded ergonomic handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally anti bacterial.

The bristles are soft *DuPont *nylon as recommended by dentists, to care for your teeth and gums.

Each Truthbrush is hand wrapped in tissue paper and a recyclable card pillow pack.

🐳Every one is shipped to us, and from us to you, carbon neutrally for minimal environmental impact.

* CONSCIOUS COMPROMISE – after researching we have found that 99% of Bamboo Toothebrushes have nylon bristles and we love that @the_truthbrush have done everything they can to offer this gorgeous brush in as biodegradeable form as possible

Even better, the Truthbrush is now available in MEDIUM bristles!

Get yours today from www.thetruthbrush.com


Welcome to Beauty Without Plastic

Hello and welcome to Beauty Without Plastics.

If you are you here, like me, you are clearly passionate about looking for high quality, natural, Beauty Products in non plastic packaging. I hope that you have already found plenty and invite you to share with us all here; the plastic free beauty products that you love – in pictures, reviews and articles.

If you are a retailer producing Beauty Products in non plastic packaging – we would to work with you to share your story  and the inspiration behind your brand and a review of your best selling product, here on Beauty Without Plastic.

Together I hope together that we can show that with a few positive changes, we can  enjoy the very best in natural beauty, in natural packaging without the use of plastics. In doing I feel positive that  we can set a precedent to encourage and lead the way for manufacturers to invest in the beauty of our natural world.

Your body and skin will thank you for this, but more importantly, will our children and future generations.



Natural Wisdom Spa’s Peppermint Lip Balm

Natural Wisdom Spa‘s Peppermint Lip Balm reviewed by Natural Beauty Blogger, Sara @coffeechamomilecinnamon

Another beautiful natural vegan product I want to share with you that just happens to be @beautywithoutplastic but not only is there zero plastic involved with this product it actually lives in a distinctive stunning little lidded pot made from Cedar Root so beautiful to look at, touch, fabulous to carry round  & of course it’s reusable💫

.💫Peppermint Lip Balm from Natural Wisdom Spa is a big favourite of mine from a brand I Love I use quite a few of Maeve’s hand blended products daily as many of you on Instagram know💫

.💫All the ingredients are Organic, Food Grade & Cold Blended & it’s stunning unique little pot with it’s snuggly fitting lid has natural antibacterial properties as an extra bonus.💫

.💫It has a creamy rich scent with a gentle hit of zingy fresh Peppermint & it’s texture albeit thick -please see 2nd & 3rd pictures -it certainly doesn’t coat the lips only a small amount is required to nourish & moisturise.💫

.💫Due to the inclusion of Poppy Seed Oil lips are left with a slight glossy finish.💫

.💫Other flavours are available if you aren’t a mint fan – Orange & Cinnamon – Lemon Lip Balm – both these balms contain Pomegranate & Rose hip Seed Oils – Also Organic Black Seed & Lemon Balm Lip Saviour.💫

.💫I can definitely recommend this light but nourishing lip balm . I will leave you with the Star Studded Ingredients-

.Poppy Seed Oil, Japanese Peppermint Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Castor Oil .💫

Thank you Sara for another fab review! You can see lots more of Sara’s reviews of gorgeous natural products at @coffeechamomilecinnamon 


Natural Beauty Blogger Sara reviews Root & Flower’s Coconut & Rose Body Scrub

Root & Flower’s Coconut & Rose Body Scrub

Natural Beauty Blogger, Sara from Manchester ak.a. Insta @coffeechamomilecinnamon, gives her lovely review of Root & Flower’s  Coconut and Rose Body Scrub. We can practically smell its delicate scent from here:

Rose Petal Coconut Body Scrub
Natural Beauty Blogger Sara a.k.a coffeechamomilecinnamon shares her review of Root & Flower’s gorgeous Coconut & Rose Body Scrub in plastic free packaging.

‘I wanted to share with you one of my favourite Body Scrub’s from one of my very favourite brands.🌸

All @root_and_flower products are raw, organic & 100% natural Lovingly hand blended by the ✨Magical Jenny✨

.💫It is Coconut & Rose combined with Pink Himalayan Salt to give a beautiful soft paste with a very light abrasive action the scent is gentle Coconut with a subtle floral background of Rose supported by a hint of fresh Vertiver🌸

.💫Such a soft texture makes it a dream to use massaging into damp skin in small circular motion’s releasing the coconut oil to soften & hydrate as you exfoliate.🌸

.💫The addition of rose petals just adds to the overall luxurious feel & helps elevate the joys of selfcare & healing whilst leaving you with soft glowing nourished skin.🌸

.💫Another major plus for me this is a totally plastic free product housed in a chunky glass jar with a metal screw top lid.🌸

.💫I will leave you with the beautiful Ingredients🌹 Raw Coconut,Epsom Salts,Pink Himalayan Salt,  Vetiver, Rose Otto, Geranium Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Farnesol*, Citronellol*, Eugenol*

*natural occurring in essential oils.🌸

.💫Definitely one to try in my opinion🌸’

Head over to Instagram and check out Sara’s fab reviews of other natural beauty products @coffeechamomilecinnamon