Welcome to Beauty Without Plastic

Join me to share and review the latest in our favourite Eco Beauty & Personal Care Products in non- plastic packaging. 

Collaborate, share and be part of spreading the word – that we can make naturally packaged, beauty choices, to delight us in our daily care routines and preserve the beauty of our natural world. 

The Beauty & Personal Care Products contribute massively to the nation’s plastic landfill waste, with some claiming that together, they make up an alarming, one third of all landfill waste.

So why, when we go to the trouble of sourcing ‘green’ or ‘Eco Luxe’ beauty products, do we accept them in plastic packaging? Is it due to a lack of availability in other more natural materials or because we simply do not prioritise our search for products in non-plastic packaging?

I hope that we can be part of a powerful change, by sharing and raising public awareness of the alternative, naturally packaged products, that are already available; increasing supply and demand, in this area, of one of the largest global industries.

Whilst we are getting up and running, why not take a look at Totnes, Devon, based Green Fibres’ beautiful natural products, for some inspiration?

I look forward to posting & sharing your wonderful ideas very soon & you can contact me @ jowoolvett@icloud.com.

Jo Woolvett

Jo is Founder of BUFF Natural Body Care, a Mum, Sea Lover, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Teacher & Wellbeing Enthusiast!