GINGER STONE’S Soothing Face Mask for Sensitive Skin 100% natural

Here is a mask I Love & always want to have in my collection another beautiful @beautywithoutplastic product.The simplicity of it’s packaging a glass vial & cork stopper really appeal to the dreamer in me for a second or so I drift off to sea with the glass vial bobbing in the waves waiting to be washed up in the surf on a sunny shore it’s cork stopper keeping the message safe & dry what does it say, who is it from🏝…anyway enough dreaming of messages in bottles back to the mask.

.✨In a world where masks have a vast array of amazing ingredients & some are even purported to blend nature with science & can also have hefty price tags Soothing Face Mask @gingerstone.skincare has just 3 beautiful ingredients & every time I use it my skin feels & looks amazing, soft, smooth,plumped, calm & glowy it contains Rhassoul Moroccan Soap Clay, Raspberry Powder & Honey Powder. It is beautiful simply blended with water or if you wish to get more adventurous I Love to blend with Live natural yoghurt which encourages me to massage the mask into my skin more & I find it stops the clay drying on the skin so quickly. It can also be blended with Flower Hydrosol’s or Coconut Milk you can add Apple Cider Vinegar or a few drops of Facial Oil & I have been known to open up a Charcoal capsule & blend in to give an added exfoliating action. The dry powder masks allow you to customise to your skins needs I find this both exciting & inspiring.

.✨Please see the second picture for my latest blend simply mixed with Live Natural yoghurt, looks good enough to eat pictured along with my Olive Wood Masking Bowl & porcelain scoop from @islaapothecary

By the fabulous Sara McLaughlin, Natural Beauty Reviewer/Blogger. For more loads more inspiration why not follow Sara on Instagram @coffeechamomilecinnamon.

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